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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Detection

In the high-risk environment of the mining industry, ensuring the safety of workers as well as the site itself is crucial and necessary. Traditional methods of enforcing PPE and company workwear compliance can be labor-intensive, inconsistent and...

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Horizon Power Case Study

The Utilities industry faces significant challenges with manual power line inspections, which are critical for maintaining grid reliability and safety. Manual inspections are time-consuming and labor-intensive and often require workers to access...

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Automated Valve Monitoring Solution Brief

The fight against climate change hinges on technologies like carbon capture, which trap emissions before they enter the atmosphere. However, these systems rely heavily on the proper functioning of valves to ensure smooth operation and prevent...

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Commuter counting analytics for metro stations

Local authorities need reliable data to understand and manage constrained transportation networks. Commuters expect real time data for minimal disruption on their daily life. Our SaaS platform turns visual information into structured data to add an...

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Tilt Renewables Solar Case Study

Combining Autofly with thermal image analysis, Unleash live inspects solar PV plants for panel faults and vegetation. This ensures better maintenance programs and higher energy production.

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