Computer Vision for Airport Ops Series-Pt 5, 'Boarding & Transfers'

In this exclusive airport operations series, we share details of our computer vision Use Cases within each stage of the Airport Passenger Journey. Today, we look at Part 5, 'Boarding & Transfers,' and how to streamline and enhance the customer experience.

Curbside to Curbside Airport Passenger Journey

Airport - curbside to curbside use cases 5

Airport Passenger Journey Workflow - Part 5: Boarding & Transfers


Part 5 - Boarding and Transfers Use Cases

AI - Boarding - Dwell time

Reduce delays by identifying aircrafts exceeding dwell time thresholds

Aircraft Dwell Time

  • Use computer vision to lessen the dwell time of the aircraft at the gate.
  • Identify ground assets and track their utilization status from catering, refueling, chocks, baggage, cleaning and more.
  • Monitor the gateway extension and passenger boarding/disembarking to ensure the passengers are counted and the aircraft is ready for turnaround.
AI - Boarding - Runway Safety

Identify foreign objects on the tarmac

Runway Safety

  • Quickly identify foreign objects on the tarmac, runway and apron.
  • Set up zones around the aircraft at rest, ensuring no staff or passengers are at risk of security breaches.
  • Prevent or identify unsafe behaviors by providing increased visibility of passengers and ground staff and the provision of alerts to agents and operations personnel.
Airport AI clip checklist

Airside AI analysis

Gate Turnaround

  • Identify apron events at a glance. Gather baseline data on aircraft servicing and improve each process in the chain.
  • Reduce operational costs with video analysis of the gate management. Identify gaps in processes, time them and streamline the process.
  • Monitor boarding of passengers, as well as ground staff to deliver a full understanding of every event.
staff detection AI app

Identify airport crew and staff

Increased Capacity
(Without Adding Infrastructure)

  • Minimize delays by identifying any team members who are off schedule. Identify where agents and assets are most needed.
  • Move away from over-rostering and to a needs based maintenance scenario.
  • Add flights by optimizing your ground crew performance.

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