Unleash live - Skydio Integration Announcement

Unlocking Advanced Infrastructure Inspections with Unleash-Skydio Integration

Unleash live introduces an innovative solution that is transforming infrastructure inspections with Skydio. We are excited to announce the integration of Unleash live and Skydio, a collaboration that will streamline and accelerate the organization of your drone data, enabling you to complete asset analysis and evaluation powered by Unleash live’s world leading infrastructure artificial intelligence (AI).

Unleash live, a leading AI video analytics platform, is consistently pushing the boundaries to provide our customers cutting-edge analytics solutions. The Unleash live and Skydio integration is a prime example of our commitment to enabling the largest range of drone data on our connected AI analytics platform.

A New Era of Infrastructure Inspections

Unleash live and Skydio enterprise customers now have the capability to seamlessly upload and manage their flight media. Imagine a scenario where you plug your drone into power and it automatically uploads its data to the Unleash live Cloud. This streamlined process enables your teams to effortlessly store, search and share data throughout your organization.

The real breakthrough of this integration is the effortless and automatic transfer of media from Skydio drones to the Unleash live platform. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual uploads and greatly enhances the efficiency of data analysis. Essentially, it's an all-in-one solution that guarantees your flight-collected media is instantly available on the Unleash live platform, saving valuable time and doing away with the inconvenience of dealing with SD cards and manual processes.

The core of this integration lies in Unleash live's Media Drive within the Cloud Platform, a pivotal element that streamlines the incorporation of imagery from Skydio drones. This functionality empowers users to effortlessly select and upload specific images to their projects with just a few clicks. Beyond being a mere time-saving tool, it liberates you from the tedious aspects of data management, allowing you to channel your focus towards what truly matters – comprehensive analysis and assessment.

Unlocking the Power of AI Analysis

Once your data securely resides within your Unleash live account, our automated data AI analysis, accessing over 40+ apps can now spring into action. You can rest assured that the platform will promptly notify you once your data is prepared for analysis. This integration not only enhances your overall efficiency but also ensures that you extract the maximum value from your data. Unleash live provides a comprehensive ecosystem for turning your data into actionable insights.


Unleash live - powerline fault detection

Powerline Fault Detection AI


Unleash live - wind turbine fault detection

Wind Turbine Fault Detection AI


Pioneering a Seamless Future

Hanno Blankenstein, CEO of Unleash live, encapsulates the excitement surrounding this integration, stating, "Harnessing the transformative synergy between Unleash live and Skydio, this cloud-to-cloud integration marks a groundbreaking leap in empowering our enterprise clientele. By seamlessly bridging the gap between field-collected data and our cutting-edge infrastructure inspection platform, we're not just enhancing workflows; we're catalyzing a paradigm shift towards efficiency and automation.”

In conclusion, the Unleash live - Skydio integration represents a significant milestone in the realm of infrastructure and asset inspections. It combines the strengths of two industry leaders to simplify data management and streamline the analysis process, allowing you to maximize the potential of your inspections. Unleash the power of AI-driven analysis with Unleash live and Skydio and embrace a new era of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and impact in infrastructure inspections.

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