Unleash live Participation in Advanced Air Mobility’s CRC Phase 1 Submission

Propelling Australia Towards Transitioning our Aerospace and Aviation Industry.

Unleash live is delighted to announce its launch participation with the Advanced Air Mobility Cooperative Research Centre (AAM CRC) in reshaping the Aerospace and Aviation industry in Australia. Today, alongside more than 65 leading partners and universities, the AAM CRC has completed Stage 1 of a 10-year innovation program aimed at advancing autonomous air mobility.

The establishment of the Advanced Air Mobility Cooperative Research Centre will serve as a groundbreaking research platform, harnessing the nation's existing capabilities to support the transition towards a sustainable future for advanced air mobility applications. This includes vertical take-off and landing aircraft, Vertiports, and uncrewed aerial systems.

The AAM CRC will foster interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange among experts across commercial, civil and emergency sectors. It will spearhead a transformation in the aviation and aerospace industry by nurturing an environment conducive to long-term advancements in AAM, propelling Australia towards a clean, sustainable and globally competitive aerospace future.

Across its key research streams - Air Vehicles, Air Operations and Ground Operations - the AAM CRC will empower aviation operators, transportation users, service providers and government regulatory authorities to optimize the integration of advanced aerial innovation into the national transportation system. Additionally, the CRC will identify and deliver outcomes for Australian products and services in air vehicles, air operations and ground infrastructure, catering to both national and international markets.

This bid marks a potential turning point and is poised to become the largest collaborative research platform, focused on aviation and aerospace technology and operations, that Australia has ever seen. Indeed, we are living in truly exciting times and this is just the beginning of our journey towards shaping the future of air travel.

A Collaborative Effort for a Brighter Future

At Unleash live, we understand the transformative power of collaboration and this participation in the AAM CRC submission wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable engagement and contribution of the AAM CRC partners across the industry. Their collective input and expertise will be instrumental in shaping what promises to be an extraordinary opportunity for Australia on the global stage.

Together, we are laying the groundwork for realizing advanced air mobility for Australia. With stage two on the horizon, we are eager to continue our momentum and build upon the foundations laid in stage one.

Looking Towards the Future

Commenting on this milestone, Unleash live’s CEO, Hanno Blankenstein, remarked that, "this is an exciting moment for Australia, signaling a pivotal step towards the future of advanced autonomous air mobility. Unleash live is proud to support this effort, and together, let's propel Australia back onto the world stage as leaders in advanced air mobility."

Stay tuned for further updates as we embark on the next phase of this transformative journey. Together, let's soar towards a future where autonomous air mobility becomes a reality for all. 

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